Taken at Schubas Tavern, Chicago Illinois • Wednesday May 26, 2004.
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Group-opening.jpg Fausto-fire.jpg BillHaddad.jpg
The Feast of Fools gang sings "I'm alive/Xanadu" from the musical Xanadu. Fausto seduces the audience with his white-hot flames. Bill Haddad reads a book before the show.
Fausto_Joseph-David.jpg Fausto_Benji-1.jpg BruceNguyen-3.jpg
Joan Crawford is enchanted to meet Fausto's new boyfriend Joseph Krystäl (Fausto Fernós, Joseph Krystyen, David Cerda) Benji prepares to perform his new show "One Man Star Wars." Former owner of the Ha Mien Tavern, Bruce Nguyen. Performed by Anthony Seranilla.
David-naked-1.jpg DavidAndora-Jay.jpg AnnaNicole-angry.jpg
David Cerda, Naked and ashamed. Male illusionist David Andora dazzles Jay Vanasco with a card trick. Anna Nicole screams the the audience: "What the hell are YOU looking at?" Anna Nicole is played by BC Kalz
AbbySchachner-2.jpg ScottFree-singing.jpg Silky-singing1.jpg
Abby is pretty. Scott Free Sings "Cock in your mouth" Silky Jumbo yells at the audience "You have been a naughty naughty girl!"
AbbySchachner-1.jpg AbbySchachner-3.jpg AIDS-Quilt.jpg
The rage and fury of Abby Schachner. Abby Scachner David Cerda presents Fausto with his very own AIDS Memorial Quilt.
Fausto-endshow.jpg Fausto-inhales.md0 Fausto-Joseph-Benji-Bruce.jpg
Fausto learns his lesson. Fausto inhales some poppers. Benji offers Joseph some drugs.
Anna-Ravenp-Curtis.jpg Group-Ending-1.jpg group-fighting.jpg
Richard Ravenpanties screams at Anna Nicole Smith: "What the HELL is going on here?" (BC Kalz, Fausto Fernós, Richard Bluestein, Ed Jones) Ed Jones arrests Richard Ravenpanties for commiting murder. (David Cerda, Fausto Fernós, The Crystal Skull, Ed Jones, Richard Bluestein, Merrie Greenfield, Anthony Seranilla) David warns Fausto of the dangers of illegal drug use.
JimBarkley-drummer.jpg JoanCrawford-solo.jpg Joseph-solo.jpg
The awesome drummer Jim Barkley David Cerda really BELIVES he is Joan Crawford. (David Cerda) Joseph singing "I'm Alive" (Joseph Krstyen)
Joseph_screaming.jpg Kym-Fausto.jpg LinkPinks-waving.jpg
Joseph screams as Mr. Ravenpanties forces all the performers to take off their wigs and clothing, to "see whats under the hood." (Ed Jones, Joseph Krstyen, Richard Bluestein) Fausto awards a prize to Kym Olsen. The musical conductor for the Feast of Fools rock and roll train: Link Pinks (Taylor E Ross)
MisterRavenpanties-1.jpg PattyElvis-1.jpg PattyElvis-2.jpg
Mr. Ravenpanties sings "Come on boy just simply pork that pie." (Richard Bluestein) Patty Elvis woos the audience. Patty Elvis
PattyElvis-3.jpg Ravenp-allthatass.jpg ScottFree-1.jpg
Patty Elvis Richard Ravenpanties sings "All that ASS" to whip the performers and audience into a sexual frenzy. (Ed Jones, Fausto Fernós, Joseph Krstyen, Richard Bluestein, Anthony Seranilla, Merrie Greenfield.) Scott Free
AnnaNicole-CatinHat.jpg AnnaNicole-eating.jpg AnnaNicole-fries.jpg
Anna Nicole Smith sings "The Cat in the Hat" theme song. (BC Kalz) Anna Nicole Smith talks about how she regained all her weight on her "Tiramisu Diet" (BC Kalz) Anna Nicole Smith gets the star treatment from her angry manager, Curtis Ponyweather. (BC Kalz)
Anthony-Fausto-contest.jpg David-Fausto-kissing.jpg Benji-cap.jpg
Fausto & Joseph talk about a beauty salon book for African American women. Fausto tries to kiss David during his crack high. Benji puts on his Abercrosby and Feltch hat to look more masculine. (Merrie Greenfield)
Benji-Curtis_stuffing.jpg Benji-Ravenp-uhoh.jpg BradyEarnhart-1.jpg
Curtis Pinkleweather stuffs Benji's crotch with his boss' cellphone (Merrie Greenfield, Ed Jones, Richard Bluestein) Benji asks Mr. Ravenpanties: "Did you just say 'ALL GET AIDS'?" (Ed Jones, Fausto Fernós, Merrie Greenfield, Richard Bluestein, Anthony Seranilla) Brady Earnhart sings his heart out.
BruceNguyen-1.jpg BruceNgyen-2.jpg David_Fausto-end.jpg
Bruce Ngyen attempts to do his best William Hung impersonation with hopes of passing the audition. (Anthony Seranilla) Bruce Ngyen wails away "Miss Independent" (Anthony Seranilla) David & Fausto discover that Circuit Parties are not always so much fun.
David_Panties-1.jpg DavidAndora-looking.jpg SilkysFamily.jpg
Joan Crawford tries to seduce Mr. Ravenpanties, and fails. (David Cerda, Richard Bluestein) Illusionist David Andora. Silky Jumbo's rock and roll family break out in a big fight.
TwangBang-1.jpg TwangBang-2.jpg Fausto-Ravenpanties-2.jpg
Twang Bang sing the night away. Twang Bans masterful use of slides set to razor sharp timing. Fausto confronts Mr. Ravenpanties about the true nature of Circuit Parties (Fausto Fernós, Richard Bluestein)
Joseph-Fausto-Benji.jpg Fausto-Richard-naked.jpg Group-2.jpg
Joseph, Fausto & Benji sing a song about medical, illegal, and sexual drugs. Mr. Ravenpanties examines Fausto's naked white body. (Fausto Fernós, Richard Bluestein.) The cast of the Feast of Fools: Fireballs sings the audience goodnight.

Photos by Jason Smith.

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