Taken at Schubas Tavern, Chicago Illinois • Thursday October 28, 2004.
Photos by Jason Smith.
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Talia.jpg Fausto-Benji-fire.jpg Fireeating.jpg
The ever so cute Talia Fernós seduces the audience into buying some official Feast of Fools t-shirts and stickers. Fausto & Benji eat fire to chase away all the evil spirits in the show. They are unsucessfull. (Fausto Fernós, Val Dillon.) Fausto and Benji D Dillon conjure up pagan magik.
Cast-goodtime.jpg Wavinghands.jpg Fausto-Lawrence-smiling.jpg
A place where nobody dares to hide: The Feast of Fools. (Left to right: Amanda XXXXX, Vincent Rideout, Lawrence Perea, Crystal Skull, Fausto Fernós, Val Dillon, Renata Schloss, Anthony Serranilla. Singing the night away. Fausto and Lawrence share a tender moment. (Fausto Fernós, Lawrence Perea)
Amanda-screeching.jpg Anna-drunk.jpg Anna-Falls.jpg
Amanda Steinstein screeches her way into the show. (left to right: Anthony Serranilla, Fausto Fernós, Amanda XXXXX, Richard Bluestein.) Anna Nicole drunk and mad. (BC Kalz) Anna Nicole stumbles onto the stage.
AnnaNicole-hat.jpg Auditions-1.jpg Auditions-2.jpg
Anna Nicole Smith sings the title song from her new off-off-off Broadway Musical: "The Cat in the Hat." (BC Kalz) Richard Ravenpanties confronts Bruce Ngyen about his poor singing skills (left to right: Renada Schloss, Anthony Serranilla, Richard Bluestein, Amanda XXXXX, Lawrence Perea, Val Dillon.) What the hell is happening here! Demands Mr. Ravenpanties. (left to right: Fausto Fernós, Amanda XXXXX, Val Dillon, Lawrence Perea, Richard Bluestein, Taylor E Ross.)
Becerra.jpg Bruce-Ravenpanties.jpg Bruce-skull.jpg
Singer-songwriter Christopher Becerra. Bruce Nguyen sings. (Anthony Serrranilla, Richard Bluestein.) Bruce demands to be in the show. (Anthony Serranilla, the Crystal skull, Fausto Fernós)
Curtis-Anna.jpg Curtis-sings.jpg Dancers.jpg
Curtis Ponyweather looks perplexed as Anna messes up her lines. (Vincent Rideout, BC Kalz) Curtis Ponyweather (Vincent Rideout.) Its all about having fun. (left to right: Fausto Fernós, Anthony Serranilla, Renata Schloss, Amanda XXXXX, Val Dillon.)
LinkPinks-clapping.jpg AaronSmith.jpg Fausto-glance.jpg
Musical Director Link Pinks, enjoying the show. (Taylor E Ross) Drummer for the Feast of Fools Aaron Smith Fausto Fernós.
Fausto-Lawrence.jpg Fausto-Ravenpanties-naked.jpg Fausto-swallows.jpg
Lawrence tries to recall his lines, but he is too high on drugs to remember. (Fausto Fernós, Lawrence Perea) Naked and ashamed. Richard Ravenpanties is disgusted by Fausto's bloated hulking corpse. (Fausto Fernós, Richard Bluestein) Fausto gives into peer pressure and overdoses on "Perkathol" a derivative drug of Ritalin.
Finklestein-poster.jpg Bush-Harvey-Kitty.jpg Fausto-Harvey.jpg
Title card for Harvey Finklesteins short play based on Jack Chick comic books. Harvey Finklestin and Kitty get confronted by a hopeful image. Fausto & Harvey talk about Harvey's pansexuality: "I'm a freakin puppet! I'll take whatever I can get." (Fausto Fernós, Harvey Finklestein.)
JoanCrawford.jpg Joan-undressing.jpg Joan-Ravenp-naked.jpg
Renata Schloss plays David Cerda, who thinks he is Joan Crawford. "All right lady, off with the clothes." (Vincent Rideout, Renata Schloss, Richard Bluestein.) David Cerda, who thinks he is Joan Crawford tries to seduce Mr. Ravenpanties. (Renata Schloss, Richard Bluestein.)
MrRavenpanties-AllThatAids.jpg Lawrence-singing.jpg MrRavenpanties-sings.jpg
Its just a gay parade every single day. Lawrence Krystal sings his heart out. (Lawrence Perea) Mr. Ravenpanties sings (Richard Bluestein.)
Nervousonlookers.jpg Ravenpanties-sneer.jpg Ravenpanties-squints.jpg
The cast look on nervously. (Amanda XXXXX, Renata Schloss, Val Dillon.) "And I want fat-free ice-cream that doesnt taste like ass!" says Mr. Ravenpanties. (Richard Bluestein.) Richard Bluestein as Mr. Ravenpanties.
Ravenpanties.jpg Ravenpaties-Benji-Bruce.jpg Silky-band.jpg
The cruel Mr. Ravenpanties. (Richard Bluestein) Mr. Ravenpanties screams at Benji D. Dillon for not being masculine enough. (Richard Bluestein, Val Dillon, Anthony Serranilla.) Silky and his bad-ass band.
SilkyJumbo-scary.jpg Skull-Fausto-eyes.jpg Skull-Fausto-Joan.jpg
the mighty and powerful Silky Jumbo. Fausto Fernós chats with the Crystal Skull. Joan Crawford talks about her up-and-coming shows (Fausto Fernós, Renata Schloss)
Group-Waving.jpg Andorians-DavidAndora.jpg Andorians-Marc-Fausto.jpg
Thanks for coming to the show! Photos from David Andora's 30th birthday party. (Marc Felion, David Andora, Fausto Fernós.) Andorians for David Andora (David Andoras birthday Party, Sunday Oct 31st, Crobar.)
Closet-QueenBees.jpg Cute-Girl.jpg GayAlienAndorian-Fausto.jpg
Closeted-Queen Bees (David Andoras birthday Party, Sunday Oct 31st, Crobar.) Aint she sweet! (David Andoras birthday Party, Sunday Oct 31st, Crobar.) Gay alien inspects the tacky bathrooms. (David Andoras birthday Party, Sunday Oct 31st, Crobar.)
Jason-Zane-David.jpg JimGlaub.jpg OrangeStud.jpg
Best friends: Jason Smith, Zane Edwards, David Andora. (David Andoras birthday Party, Sunday Oct 31st, Crobar.) The cute and wacky Jim Glaub (David Andoras birthday Party, Sunday Oct 31st, Crobar.) Generic orange stud. (David Andoras birthday Party, Sunday Oct 31st, Crobar.)

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